Foley Ballon Catheter

Foley Ballon Catheter

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Silicon coated medical grade virgin natural latex catheter for total comfort of patient. Catheters are coated with specially silicon protection to assist in smooth introduction and prevent encrustations. Inflation lumen is built in to avoid interior or exterior profusion. The topper less shaft is extremely flexible and bends easily in any director to adjust to the patient anatomy. It has unique new plastic non return valve aha makes syringe insertion easy and trouble free. Symmetrical large capacity balloon and ensuring a straight tip for proper flow and good sphincter action thus preventing bladder leakage.

2 Way adult: FG 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
2 Way Paediatric: FG 8 & 10
Balloon Capacity for adult: 30ml
Balloon Capacity for paediatric: 03ml

An alternative catheter in adrenal condition to urinate without pain and abstraction.