Urine Bag

Urine Bag

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Urine Bag made from 0.125mm wall thickness, clinical grade soft PVC, Semi transparent Bags. A non return valve has been provided in Urine Bag which prevents back flow thus offering added protection.

ET.O. Sterilized and individual packed, biological tested and ready for single use. Non Toxic, Kink Free, soft, Transparent PVC Long Tubing with connector I.D. 6.5mm x O.D. 7.5mm 100 cm Tube length, Top Outlet with cover. Superior quality 0.125mm PVC cloth. 100% closed drainage system. Outlet System for easy drainage of urine and for fast emptying of the bag. Outlet attached with the closer.

Urine bag is useful for collection of urine.

Available Sizes:
1000ml & 2000ml also Top Outlet or Bottom Outlet.